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Wish to lead a healthy lifestyle – Take help from a Dietitian- NEW Weight Loss Program


Some of the services offered by the Real Food Dietitians are:

  • Initial consultations –

This is a complete assessment of the individual’s health after receiving all data about the person such as medical, body composition, dietary intake, and exercise records. After a full analysis, a prescription is given with the right kind of diet suited for that particular individual to improve his/her health condition.


  • Review Consultations –

Post the Initial consultation, a second consultation is arranged where the progress of the individual concerned is evaluated to check if any changes are required in the ongoing nutrition program. Everything will be reorganized to make sure the person is happy with the outcome.


We now have 2 main services in place for weight loss. 

Meal Plans for Weight Loss:

We have recently launched a weight loss weekly meal plan service, which is a personlised service with weekly meal plan, shopping list, unlimited email support and fortnightly body composition analysis. You have a complimentary initial consultation to assess current health, determine goals and develop a plan that will work based on your specific requirements.  From here you pop in for fortnightly body composition analysis to check that you are on track. This service has just been launched and there are limited spots to ensure dedicated client time.

The meal plan service includes all consults, plans and body composition appointments.  Check with you health fund as if you have extras you should be able to claim some back.

If meal plans aren’t for you then that is fine, we also offer consultation based services as well.

An initial consultation is 1 hour and includes review of current/past medical history, weight history, medication/supplement review, current dietary intake, full body composition testing and calculation of nutrition requirements.

From here we can develop a nutrition plan taking into consideration any medical concerns, nutrition requirements and goals. Review consultations are 30 minutes, this includes repeating body composition testing to assess any changes in weight, muscle mass body fat % etc.  We then adjust requirements and nutrition plan to ensure ongoing success.